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Melody Porn Game: Browser-Based Xxx Sex Game

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Melody Porn Game: An All-New Experience

Say hello to the newest adult gaming project on the block! We've been working on Melody Porn Game since July of 2016 and we're finally ready to put it on the Internet for everyone to enjoy! On behalf of everyone here at the team, I'd like to thank you for stopping by and I hope that you enjoy your time here at Melody Porn Game. This has been a labor of love for the entirety of the crew and we genuinely believe that this might be the ultimate sex game available right now. There's so much to talk about and we're so excited to finally have it ready to ship – plus you get to try it out completely free of charge! Believe us when we say that this project is going to touch you in ways you never thought possible: not only is the sex simulation engine amazing, but our storyline is great to boot! As proud owners of this title, it's incredible to get feedback from players and we hope that you've got a thing or two to say about Melody Porn Game after you play it for a few hours. Strap yourself in friend: things are about to get pretty crazy here for you!

Adaptive CPU/GPU features

When we designed our game, it was important to make sure that everyone had the ability to access and enjoy it. That's why we worked on a modified edition of the Unity engine that allows us to scale the number of assets – as well as the quality of assets – while you're playing through Melody Porn Game. For those of you on semi-modern PCs, you'll get the full experience, whereas folks on older machines, as well as mobile devices (yes, you can play on your phone if you want!) will get a slightly modified version to ensure that it runs smoothly. We're really proud of the outcome of this technology and as for our current testing, only around 20% of players actually see any differences in graphics at all. Still, we want to ensure that they're able to have a great time enjoying Melody Porn Game alongside all the people sitting on the latest Ryzen CPU and 3000 series graphics card! Note that this adaptive feature can actually be turned off completely in the settings – just be warned that your frame rate will likely suffer as a result if you don't have the credentials to deal with MSG!

A cloud storage porn game

Everything that you do here on Melody Porn Game is completely stored on the cloud. You'll play through your browser, save your progress and earn achievements all without having to download anything to your local computer. While this does require an always-on Internet connection, we think it's for the best, simply because folks rarely want to store anything related to adult entertainment – especially porn games – on their PCs and mobile devices. It also means that you're less likely to lose progress because you forgot to save, can't remember the file's location and so on. Our cloud features are incredibly advanced and will monitor your choices so that you never progress without it being saved. Note that you can also make custom save points throughout the gaming experience that you'll probably want to utilize from time to time – that's because your choices really have a profound influence on what happens in Melody Porn Game!

Rich choice-based gaming

When you make a decision in Melody Porn Game, it actually matters. What do we mean by this? Well, your available NPCs to interact with, optional locations and so on are all tied to your progress and choices. From time to time, you'll say and do things that either completely remove a character from your game or add new ones in. Each choice can influence major actions and we think that it's always wise to think about replaying Melody Porn Game in order to get the full experience. You can also opt to make save points at important moments and then come back for the alternative storyline at a later stage. We're unsure exactly how many individual endings are available now, but it's at least 30! Some differ a little, whereas others are completely crazy. It's up to you to work out which ones are which and decide what path you want to go down. Thanks to our stellar writing team, it's actually a joy to explore all of the different NPCs in Melody Porn Game and talk to them. We have just over 135 active characters you can engage with and almost all of them are able to be fucked. How sweet is that? This is the porn game of choice for horny dudes that want to get around and try out new experiences!

Full character customization

You'll have the ability to create and customize your own character with a huge number of choices in how you look and act. Melody Porn Game has a relatively unique personality customization tool which will affect your available dialog options, choices in cutscenes and so on. For instance, having a daring-focused tree will give you the ability to take more risk – for better or for worse! We also have a great community mod team that have included tools so that you can edit all of the NPCs you come across. Hell, you can even use an import feature to turn them into pornstars or other cool characters that have been shared on the official forums! Melody Porn Game also has an active Discord server that you'll want to check out if you feel like talking shop with other horny gamers. We've gone that extra step to ensure you feel comfortable and happy while here – just don't take it for granted and be ready for some lusty, sexual action when playing Melody Porn Game.

So what are you waiting for? Create your free account right now and try out our all-new porn game. You can't go wrong!

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